Thomas Armstrong

Tom earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Vanderbilt University and completed his internship training at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical school. He joined the faculty of Whitman's Psychology Department in 2014. Tom's approach to faculty-student collaborative research was inspired by his undergraduate mentors at Lewis & Clark College. In addition to his work at Whitman, Tom provides therapy to community members who lack access to evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders.



portrait of Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Alex is interested in research related to culture and its impact on cognition. Specifically, he focuses on how differences between Eastern and Western culture lead to differences in somatization and expression of mental illness. Interests outside the lab include swimming, piano, cooking, and teaching.

Rachel Leiter

Rachel Leiter is a senior psychology major at Whitman College. She is particularly interested in Educational Psychology and Disability Studies. After graduation she plans to pursue a career in Special Education and work with people with disabilities in underserved communities.


Anneka Sonstroem

Anneka Sonstroem is a senior biochemistry and psychology major who wants to pursue a career in neuroscience. Her research interests include the effects of dopamine on human motivation and behavior. When she's not in the lab, Anneka enjoys sewing, running, and baking.


Trevor Press

I am interested in the psychology of decision making. I hope to be able to combine an understanding of psychology and economics to better inform policy decisions. I am currently working at the Border Policy Research Institute in Bellingham, WA. My current project is analyzing transportation and trade data in order to determine which ports of entry require more infrastructure spending.


portrait of Owen Crabtree

Owen Crabtree

My name is Owen, and I am a junior psychology major. I am interested in anxiety and emotional control and will likely pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. I like to play the piano, write creatively, and play tennis.


Katie Davie

Katie Davie is a junior Psychology major with an intended Music minor. She is particularly interested in Abnormal Psychology, stigma, the criminal justice system, and how these three topics overlap. When she is not in the lab she enjoys playing piano, reading in parks, and striving to bake the perfect loaf of banana bread.


portrait of Katie Davie
portrait of Kari Hampson

Kari Hampson

Kari Hampson is a junior psychology major with an intended Spanish minor. Her interests in research include the psychology of emotion, particularly the relation of disgust to moral judgements. Outside of the lab Kari enjoys being a part of Whitman GlobeMed leadership, road biking, and attempting to Facetime her dog.


Sara Federman

Sara is a sophomore intended psychology major with a history minor. She is particularly interested in developmental psychology, language acquisition, and learning theory. Outside of the lab, she enjoys cooking, being a member of the Whitman Glean Team, and working behind the circulation desk of the Penrose Library.


portrait of Sara Federman


Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor is a rising freshman at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. While there, he plans to study computer science and economics. He has been coding for four years and uses that experience in tutoring, robotics, and web/app development.



Hannah Bouwman

I am interested in studying objectification theory, emotion regulation strategies, and how socio-economic status impacts levels of childhood depression and anxiety. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, playing the Sims, crafting, and trying new restaurants with friends. After graduating from Whitman, I would like to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.


Brianna Brown

Brianna '16 is currently writing her dissertation on the influence of rape myths on misconceptions of the perpetrator for her MSc in clinical criminology at the University of Leicester in Leicester, England. She's also a member of the Leicester City women's soccer team. She hopes to work in law enforcement as a detective.


Shannon Kelly

I completed my undergraduate degree at Whitman College in 2015 and am currently working as a research coordinator with Dr. Matthew Mosconi at the University of Kansas. I will be joining the University of Kansas Clinical Child Psychology Program in the fall of 2017. My research interests generally focus on cognitive and brain development in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. I am particularly interested in exploring developmental differences in ASD through eye movement and functional neuroimaging studies in order to learn about discrete brain mechanisms involved in this disorder.


Haley Gadzik

Haley graduated from Whitman College in 2016 with a psychology major and a theater minor. Here is a dispatch from her adventures in the real world: "Since graduating, I have had a series of bizarre and seemingly unrelated experiences, including spending the summer living in a barn in Maine with a constant rotation of literal-not-figurative clowns; landing a job driving trucks, digging ditches, fixing faucets, and familiarizing myself with the efficiency of the middle finger as an apprentice plumber in Chicago; and relocating to an office to become (as dubbed by my roommate) a "desk plumber", advising what parts customers will need to fix their completely outdated pull-chain toilets. My studies in psychology and disgust research have consistently proved relevant and illuminating in each of these circumstances- though I am still pretty unclear as to why I find kitchen waste so much more vile than sewage. Maybe the PEEP lab will find an answer to that one one day!"


Gabriella Luther

Gabriella graduated in 2016. She is currently working as a research assistant at University of Oregon's Prevention Science Institute in Portland, Oregon. She is also doing contracted work as data quality assistant at the Oregon Health Authority. Gabriella intends to get her Phd in counseling psychology with a research focus in prejudice and health.