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Manuscripts in Preparation

  • Armstrong, T., Reed, J., Engel, M., Press, T., & Sonstroem, A. (in preparation). Fast-forwarding disgust conditioning through US pre-exposure.
  • Armstrong, T., Reed, J & Olatunji, B. O. (in preparation). Anxiety sensitivity potentiates fear learning in veterans with combat-related PTSD symptoms: evidence from self-report and pupillometry.

Conference Presentations

  • Armstrong, T. (November 2016). Learning to look away: The acquisition of oculomotor avoidance and its relation to disgust sensitivity. In T. Armstrong (Chair), The role of disgust in psychopathology: New insights from contemporary learning theory. Symposium held at Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies annual conference, New York, NY.
  • Armstrong, T., Bouwman, H., Engel, M., Leiter, R., & Press, T. (May 2017). Oculomotor avoidance is specific to disgust, not fear, and resists habituation. Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science annual conference: Boston, MA.
  • Armstrong, T., Engel, M., Press, T., Sonstroem, A., Luther, G. Turner, H. & Kelly, S. (April 2016). Conditioning disgust through spatial rather than temporal contiguity: validation of a new paradigm. Poster presented at the Western Psychological Association annual conference: Long Beach, CA.